Milagro is introducing Sublingual Xtrips as a new and improved method for oral drug delivery in Latin America. We will be packaging, marketing, and distributing Sublingual Xtrips as a joint venture with pharmaceutical groups and bringing them to market in Mexico, Central, and South America.

In order for drugs to work, three factors must be carefully balanced: efficacy, safety and adherence. However, oral drug delivery is an inefficient process, involving many factors including individual patient circumstances related to method tolerances that can lead to poor adherence. Swallowing pills requires the pharma industry to increase drug quantities to account for the loss in the intestinal tract. Drug efficacy with Sublingual Xtrips can improve as much as 70% when compared to traditional drug delivery methods.

Alternative oral routes of delivery can positively impact drug efficacy, safety and the patient experience. In fact, Sublingual Xtrips delivery (under the tongue) and buccal delivery (between cheek and gum) are proven to lead to direct absorption into the bloodstream and avoid: the need to swallow a pill, drug exposure to stomach acids and tissue irritation, drug absorption through the intestines, and liver metabolism and potential injury.

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