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  Milagro’s headquarters is strategically located in the country of Colombia in the city of Cartagena, possibly the America's oldest traditional (and now a  tax haven) cannabis growing district. Colombia provides an environment for some of the lowest-cost source of quality cannabis production in the world.
Milagro is one of the leading quality and value manufacturer of cutting edge and high value phyto-extracts, concentrates and specific cannabis phyto-chemicals, world-wide.  

Exclusive Licenses

Milagro has been successful in securing all the licenses required in Colombia that will permit us to Cultivate, Manufacture, and Export  high volume, technically superior medical Cannabis related products including Isolates and oils, at a fraction of the cost of production borne by all current and midterm potential competitors. For production we have secured more than 2,400 acres of some of the highest quality land in the country,  and we have signed an exclusive agreement with more than 800 local growers that will exclusively sell their product to us.

CBD (Cannabidiol) For Health and Investment

Our team of Hemp/CBD Processors operate at one of the highest efficiency rates in the industry, enabling Milagro to maximize the potential of each crop. Our processing partners have a patent on a machine which utilizes a higher level of chromatography to create a more bioavailable CBD for medical and health use. 

Free Trade Zone

Cartagena Colombia

Voted safest city in Colombia

Cartagena is considered the safest city in Colombia

La Candelaria

Tax free benefits on all Imports and Exports

Tax benefits on all Imports and Exports



 15,000 plus square ft of production and extraction space



State of the art GMP approved pharmaceutical facility

Milagro Headquarters

Our Free trade zone in Cartagena Colombia is only 5 minutes away from Colombia's largest and most important port.

Milagro Foundation



We are committed to giving back 10% of our profits through our Foundation. 



We will be teaching the indigenous people how to save and invest their earnings for future generations.



We will build homes, schools, and free cannabis clinics to help all the communities that are being affected.

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