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Through our Colombian subsidiary Milagro Pharmaceuticals S.A.S. (“Milagro (Colombia)”), we have secured the four available cannabis licenses in Colombia, including license to cultivate, extract, export, and manufacture of cannabis derivatives for medicinal or scientific purposes. We intend to become one of the leading manufacturers of cutting edge and high value phyto-extracts, concentrates and specific cannabis phyto-chemicals, worldwide.

Milagro will:

Work with the 250 plus existing licensed cannabis companies in Colombia to foster a closed loop, local and fair-trade system as our primary source of hemp.

Cultivate on our land in Cartagena, located approximately 10 kms from Colombia’s most important Port.

Build and maintain on our property multiple green houses for our seed growing operation.

Acquire the following accreditations and certifications: GMP, ISO 9001, kosher, halal and Demeter (Demeter International is the largest certification organization for biodynamic agriculture, and is one of three predominant organic certifiers).

Enter into international distribution agreements, with an initial focus on wholesaling CBD, CBG, and CBN distillate and isolate to Mexico, Canada, the US, and Europe.