liquid gold

Liquid Gold is another name for Milagro’s Full Extract CBD Oil. We create this oil through a special extraction process using low heat and low pressure to preserve all the plants most delicate and precious naturally occurring and healing compounds. Ranging from CBD, CBDA, to all the other active Cannabinoids (up to 80), terpenes, flavonoids, phytochemical compounds, and natural minerals. “Full Extract” CBD oil is close to its natural state. Therefore, due to all the active components mentioned above it gives what is called the entourage effect when taking it. The “Entourage Effect” is a synergistic way where the more than 80 cannabinoids and 100+ terpenes work together to produce all the healing benefits and miracles the plant is known for. The Endocannabinoid system is slowly becoming one of the most studied topics in recent science and the discovery of the ECS has arguably changed the way we look at medicine and the human body today. The list of healing benefits for taking a high quality “Full Extract” CBD oil is endless.

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