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X – Virus

Milagro has created a new venture called X-Virus which are filters that can sanitize people so that we can move forward and feel safe getting back to the “new” normal

According to the health emergencies that the world is facing, we have created a sanitizer that complies with the best technology and design to combat any type of virus, bacteria, spores, and fungi with the best nebulization system at 99.9%.

X-Virus has a patent pending on the technology and design in the U.S. and has just finished the first prototype and has begun accepting orders in Mexico, and soon Australia, Colombia, and the U.S.

With a patented “Juice” that we have secured, Milagro will soon be licensed to companies all around the world with a unique sanitizer that can be used in Hospitals, Colleges, Schools, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Offices, Commercial sites, Malls, and any public place.